All about bengali actor dev

Short Biography of Bengali actor Dev / Deepak Adhikari
Real name Deepak Adhikari well known as “DEV”.Started his career in in bengali films with his first debut as hero in the film “Agnisapath”.His debut film as “DEV”, I Love You (2007) directed by Ravi Kinnagi, was very successful at the box-office.Completed Computer engineering in Bhartiya Vidyapith, Pune.

Filmography Bengali actor Dev / Deepak Adhikari
2010 Le Chakka
2010 Bolo Na Tumi Amar
2009 Dujone
2009 Poran Jaye Jolia Re
2009 Challenge Raj Chakraborty
2009 Jackpot Koushik Ganguly
2008 Mon Mane Na Sujit Guha
2008 Chirodini Tumi Je Amar R
2008 Premer Kahini
2007 I Love You
2006 Agnisapath

Wallpapers and Photogallery of Bengali actor Dev / Deepak Adhikari

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