What is Floating Rate of interest on loan

It is very important to understand the basic concept of rate of interest.You my heard this term very commonly while you take loan from bank or any source, Rate of interest is amount paid by individual (who has taken loan) for the use of money that they borrow from a lender (person who gives money).The interest rate (I/m) is a percent of principal (I) paid at some rate (m). For example, a small company borrows capital from a bank to buy new assets for their business, and in return the lender receives interest at a predetermined interest rate for deferring the use of funds and instead lending it to the borrower. Interest rates are normally expressed as a percentage of the principal for a period of one year.

Understanding what is Floating Rate of interest on loan.
A pattern of rate of interest which keeps on changing accordingly to economy if the country or market which is not fixed.The borrower can gain form this type of interest charge when there is a dip in the rate of interest, bringing down the cost of the loan. This could also take a turn for the worse incase of an increase of the rate that takes the cost to a greater height.

Benefits of Floating rate of interest.
Main core benefit of the category of interest is that they are 1%-2% cheaper than fixed interest rates.for example if you are getting a floating interest rate of 12.5% while, the fixed loan is being offered at 15%, so individual still saves money if the floating interest rate rises by up to 2.5%.

Even if the floating rate goes over the fixed rate, it will be for some period of the loan not for the entire tenure. The interest rates will surely fall over a long period and thus floating interest rate brings a lot of savings.

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Fedex offices in Kolkata

FedEx is reliable delivery of your domestic consignments. Fedex services are designed specifically to meet the needs of the Indian domestic market, air and ground services have been introduced to address your non-commercial and commercial shipping requirements.

FedEx Express office in Elgin – kolkata
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